Word Art

Turning Typography into Art

We all know what typography is. It is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make text stand out on a page. Nowadays many graphic designers make fantastic images out of text and there are really nice pieces of art.

Once I was busy with a logo design and in the process of designing the logo I went a little too far. So I saved my work to another file and started to work with the concept, giving myself lots of freedom. Where my ‘freedom’ took me you can see below. 

I tried to decorate the text, giving to the letters characters and roles in the word scene, arranging letters in the way of the meaning of the word and the sound of the word. Sometimes words have two or more meanings and I tried to show it graphically . . . Taking a step back and looking at the end result from a distance, I realized that words do not only have meaning, but they almost exist on their own with their own unique characteristics and feelings. This is what I try to portray with my work . . . and I call it Word Art.

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