Vector Art

Gallery of Vector Artwork by Tanya Jacobsz.
Portraits, Scenes, etc

On this page, I present my graphic work in Adobe Illustrator. This program is my favourite vector graphics editor. It can fulfil the wildest imaginings of a graphic designer. It gives your graphical ideas amazing effects and dimensions. My Vector Art Works featured in Vectortuts+

Vector Graphics use mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them to describe an image. Because vector graphics are mathematically described, they appear smooth at any size or resolution. Vector drawings can be scalable to any size without any loss in image quality. This makes them ideal for logos or any object that has to be resized. Vector Graphics are ideally suited for detailed illustrative work and commercial illustrations. Typical uses of vector graphics include office stationery, large banners, signs, vehicle graphics, illustrations, logos, type, page layout, and line art.

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